Monday, 26 September 2016
We are now almost a month into Legion and I have to say it's going pretty well. I have got my main up to level 110, and am working on reputations on her via world quests, and also feel safe enough to start levelling the other alts now, which, with Legion, is somewhat of a necessity as the professions are gated behind level restrictive quests, and the materials are quite expensive on the AH still.

I will get back into the swing of posting auctions soon, for now, the gold making is on a brief hiatus until I have alts at level 110 with professions somewhat decently levelled.

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  1. Hey Cazzy ... I'm back!!!!!!! You still in the guild / playing?


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I am Cazzy, also known within the World of Warcraft as Cazzéh and Cazmia, amongst other aliases.

I have been goldmaking and blogging on and off since 2011, starting off small by selling things such as cloth, then moving on to other areas such as gems, enchants and so on.

Currently, I am residing on the EU Sunstrider and EU Trollbane connected realmsets and am maining a MM Hunter.

I am raiding again, my current progression on my main, Cazzéh is:

4/13 Mythic HFC, 13/13 Heroic HFC, 11/13 Normal HFC, 13/13 LFR HFC.