Tuesday, 13 December 2011
Well, after a slow couple of days, I am now at the day before reset. As you may remember in my last post Busy Week, I was up to 180k on the JC posting character. Well, now I am at 300k.

Im concentrating on posting the enchants and Gems on the JC, whilst using the bank alt for everything else. I've moved glyph posting over to the bank alt too, although, I am questioning the wisdom of this after having to make several trips back and forth to the AH. I will probably reduce my glyph market considerably once I've got all the ones I can make added to TSM but for now, I've been crafting 3 of everything.

I've also got a rather messy guild bank again. I keep meaning to find the enthusiasm to tidy it up, but it seems to be sadly lacking.


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About Me

I am Cazzy, also known within the World of Warcraft as Cazzéh and Cazmia, amongst other aliases.

I have been goldmaking and blogging on and off since 2011, starting off small by selling things such as cloth, then moving on to other areas such as gems, enchants and so on.

Currently, I am residing on the EU Sunstrider and EU Trollbane connected realmsets and am maining a MM Hunter.

I am raiding again, my current progression on my main, Cazzéh is:

4/13 Mythic HFC, 13/13 Heroic HFC, 11/13 Normal HFC, 13/13 LFR HFC.