Thursday, 1 December 2011
Well, Patch 4.3 hit, and I got my Tyrael's Charger!

Having only JUST finished my preparations for shutdown early Wednesday morning, I logged in and did a quick dungeon on Cazmia, before meandering towards the DK to post some gem auctions.

Well, those gems FLEW off the shelf, a little undercutting shenanigans, including Pleb and his shenanigans, but they sold. As did almost all of the enchants, Ebonsteel belt buckles, Pyrium weapon chains (and there have been barely any of those up at all) and the assortment of buff foods I had prepared.
I made roughly 60k on the back of a 10k-ish investment.

I was about to log off earlier, when I did my quick customary scan of the AH (buying en-masse is a pain at the moment, my beloved AuctionLite is dead) and saw that some absolute idiot had placed on the ah... 97 stacks of Elementium Ore for the bargain price of 2g a stack! Yes. 97 stacks of Elementium Ore for 194g! Needless to say, that ore has now been prospected, transmuted, and cut, ready to go back onto the AH later in the form of gems.

Other noteable news of course, is that Siskonyrkki made the busy sellers list on Undermine Journal. I flung my usual post gems from one character, and everything else from the bank alt out of the window, in favour of the one stop shop approach.

In a few days time, I will probably mail all leftovers to the bank alt and sell from there properly.

One important thing I did learn from my first attempts at stockpiling for a patch as a goblin, is that what I think is enough materials, really is NOT enough. I suspect I missed out on a lot of sales towards the end of the night, purely because I ran out of Inferno Rubies, Ember Topaz and so on, along with Belt Buckles and buff foods. I will remember this in the future though, and capitalise on this. I also realised, that consumables should not be underestimated as a good viable source of profit.

I really couldnt have managed any of the sales without TradeSkill Master though, especially since AuctionLite wasn't working properly. Thanks to this, I've become adept at speedily adding new items to the auctioning section, and adjusting thresholds and fallback prices.

And, having just updated some addons again, I've had to download a new patch. Missing cinematic, and hopefully the profanity filter fix. I've lost count of how many times I have switched that thing off today.


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