Tuesday, 11 October 2011
So, I have PA and today was blood test day and B12 injection time. What a "fun" event that was. The nurse arrived, did her whole poke and prod for veins and finds her target... Needle goes in... Vein collapses.

Cue more prodding in my arm with the needle. Veins refuse to cooperate. Now the bad news. "Looks like we will have to use the back of your hand today" WHAT!!!!! No. Just. NO! Cue another 5 minutes of slapping and tourniquet strangulation... On the wrist this time. Vein found, needle in... Bam vein keeps collapsing. By this time I just want it all over.

After a painful 15 minutes in total all 6 large vials of blood are extracted and I now have a very sore hand and arm where the first futile blood removal attempts failed.

I have however had my B12 so thats me for 3 months.

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  1. Ugh! They used to give me B12 injections at one point as it was rumoured to have helped a few people with ME. I was having to go in once a week for the blasted things and while my veins weren't any trouble I swear that nurse used to deliberately make it hurt.


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