Friday, 11 November 2011
Well, I didnt feel like doing anything much today, so after last night's mammoth crafting session of gems etc, today, I went about a little AH-PVP. I camped out at the AH most of the afternoon and evening, posting, and reposting all those blue quality gems I had cut. As soon as there was a significant amount of people undercutting me, I cancelled and reposted.

Well. It worked. I held most of the gem market (I say held, but really, in effect, just offloaded a ton of cut gems lol) until I logged off a little earlier, and had also made myself a cool 9k on the DK who is my JC toon.

This has left me however with a little dilemma. Do I continue to shuffle gems the way I have been? Turn all into necklaces and rings, mail to Priest, disenchant, mail mats to bank alt/stockpile and then cut the blues into gems and vend, banking the rares... or, do I keep cutting the blues (they dont turn into jewelry) and then transmute the rest of the gems into the rares, to repeat this method at a future date?

If I go down the transmute route, this then leads to yet another dilemma. I dont have a transmute specced alchemist, and I'm not really sure I wish to give up my elixir spec on the Paladin. I guess I could drop mining on the DK (She has mining and JC) and take Transmute spec on her, it would cut out the mailing back and forth, but I would need to either buy the herbs, or farm them up on the Hunter or Paladin. One other option would be, to level this Mage I have at level 11, and train herbalism and alchemy on her, and take transmute spec. Im guessing that is probably the most viable option of the three. I am loathe to drop the DK's mining.

I guess I have a while to contemplate this, as currently, there is NO cheap ore on the AH. I suspect I will be waiting until the weekend when the slightly less scrupulous people flood the market... I hope. The new patch date has been pretty much estimated for beginning of December, and therefore, people may well be stockpiling now.

I sure as hell hope not.


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