Saturday, 12 November 2011
Well, This was meant to be originally titled "Where has all the Rum Ore gone?"  but it wont let me strike through a title. However, this is a very good question.

Today, I managed to snatch up some Elementium Ore. More than I wanted to really pay for it, but still. Spent 5k on it, prospected it, turned the Carnelians, Hessonite and Nightstones into blue quality gems, the rest, was shuffled and disenchanted. Zephyrites are going on the AH, in stacks of three. Lets see if those sell. Sure as hell beats cutting and vending them anyway.

Anyway, back to the title of this post. Where HAS all the ore gone? There is a distinct lack of ores on the AH at the moment. Obsidium is selling for majorly stupid prices. By that, I mean over 50g a stack. Really, what the hell? Usually, you can count on your friendly bot prolific farmer, to be flooding the AH daily with cheap ores. But nothing, nada.

Still trying to get my head round the setup of TradeSkillMaster. I'm slowly getting there however.


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