Monday, 21 November 2011
So, for the past couple of weeks, I've noticed this person posting gems on the AH. Nothing strange there you might say.  However, read on, to find out why I suspect him.

This character, is a level 1, we shall name him... Pleb. Pleb seemingly has no brains. Hes practically camping the AH for 2-3 hours at a time, just to maintain his auctions as No.1. You undercut him, he reposts immediately. You match his auctions... he undercuts you and his previous postings. This hasnt gone un-noticed by the JC guildies who also post.

What the heck do we do with this idiot? Hes pretty much single handedly contributing to the tanking of the gem market. 

And, dont get me started on the complete lemming who, the other day when I had red gems posted up at 200g, (and selling them like hotcakes I might add) decided for some reason unknown to anyone but themselves, to undercut by 100g. Just why the heck would you do that? I can understand the undercutting, but why oh why would you wish to reset the red 40 stat gems (it was either agi, str or int I dont remember now) to 100g instead of taking advantage of the Wednesday raid reset to maximise profits. Needless to say, I bought him out, and took advantage of his gems and profitted on every single one.


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