Saturday, 31 August 2013
I've been asked by friends on WoW several times how I make gold. The truth is, there is no easy way to make fast gold, unless you play the AH, and even then, you need to know exactly what you are doing before getting started.

I personally however make gold in many ways. Without further ado, I shall get into my methods.

1: Farming Instances.

I am one of those strange people who rather than spend all my time sitting at the AH buying low and selling high, would prefer to be out and about in Azeroth doing things. One of the many things I enjoy doing is farming old instances. These are often very rewarding with decent loot ranging from vendable trash, disenchantable greens, and the occasional world epic BoE drop. Blue BoE drops can also happen, and these are good for selling on the AH.

My general approach to dealing with loots from instance farming is this:

  • Disenchant green items and BoP blue quality items into enchanting materials. Blue quality and above BoE items are kept and mailed to the AH character. The only exception to the disenchanting rule are all BoP epics from instances in Vanilla and The Burning Crusade areas. The crystals these epics turn into arent worth any gold, so its much more profitable to vendor these items with the greys and whites that are also trash. Wrath, Cataclysm and Mists Of Pandaria BoP epics can however be sharded and either shattered or sold as is on the AH.
  • Leave no corpse unlooted. Those grey and white items that everyone else thinks are junk, are our treasure. In higher level dungeons these items often add up to 10's of gold when vendored.
  • Check your greens before you disenchant them. Some greens that drop can be highly sought after for Transmogrification. Examples of this would be the Aurora or Silver thread armor.
  • Post the cloth on the AH. Stacks of cloth are a good seller. Used in many professions, most people usually just buy their cloth requirements from the AH rather than go out and farm it themselves.
  • Post the gems on the AH. The low level instances in Vanilla areas often drop random gems, which can be posted on the AH for between 1-10g each, sometimes even higher.
  • If you get recipe drops, post them on the AH unless you are a completionist and need them for an alt. Some recipes that drop can be extremely rare and sometimes can sell for well over 5k gold. I'd highly recommend checking The Undermine Journal for your realm in this situation.
I will have guides coming soon for some of the instances that I find most profitable in terms of items to post on the Auction House, vending and so on.

2: Crafting Items.

Crafting items can also be extremely profitable especially when its items from the current expansion. The MoP crafted green items have a chance to proc a blue quality item with a higher item level and better stats, and these are the ones we are interested in posting on the Auction House. As always, any green items would normally be disenchanted into the enchanting materials for the
current expansion, and then turned into enchant scrolls. More about enchants later however. Another lucrative market for crafted items, are in areas such as PvP gear, weapons and, introduced to Inscription with Mists, offhand weapons and staves. While most of these items are only entry level ilevel they are a good purchase when you've just dinged that new alt to level 90 and are trying to get the item level for the LFR.

Ore can be prospected into gems and then the blue quality gems crafted into the most popular cuts and sold on the AH, and the green quality gems turned into jewelry and then disenchanted.

3: Farming Rare Mobs.

Mists of Pandaria also brought us a nice varied selection of rare mob spawns, dropping amongst other things, blue BoP items, bags of supplies, the occasional Epic item, Lesser Charms of Good Fortune, and a variety of vanity items. Whilst the BoP blue items may not have any use to you if you are fully decked out in Epics, they do have another value, and that is disenchanting. The bags sometimes dropped by the rare mobs can contain all sorts of things, from Herbs and ores, to cloth.

Patch 5.2 saw Zandalari Warscouts and Zandalari Warbringers introduced to the game, and in addition to Reputation tokens, both Warscouts and Warbringers can drop Small and Large bags of Zandalari Supplies containing ores, cloth or herbs. The Warbringers also have a chance of dropping one of three colours of Direhorn mounts. The Warscouts can be soloed, but for Warbringers, it may be more fun to engage them in a group for faster more effective kills.

4: Companion Pets and Battle Pets.

Now that companion or battle pets have been added to some old raids, these have become another valuable source of gold. When you have completed your pet achievements from these old raids, you can continue running them to get surplus pets, which you can learn, and then cage to sell on the AH. Some of these pets can sell for as much as 5k gold, and some even sell for higher depending on their source and rarity. If you are into pet battles, you can level the spare pets via trainer daily quests and then sell a levelled pet for more gold. Most of the instances and raids that have the pets have been made more solo friendly too although its recommended to pick your class wisely according to the instance.

5: Vendor/limited supply recipes.

Vendor and limited supply recipes are just another of the ways I make gold. Most of these recipes can be bought for a small amount of gold and silver, and can sell on the AH for as little as 25g, or more. Some players are not aware of the existence of the recipes, or just simply cannot be bothered to go and purchase them themselves, and therefore will pay money for the convenience of getting them off the Auction House. The recipes don't sell straight away so dont rely on them as a sole avenue of income.

6: Enchanting Dusts.

Another of the good ways to make gold, is with old low level enchanting materials. As people re-roll characters, enchanting is one of the more tiresome and tricky professions to level, and most people just buy the materials needed from the AH to save on the hassle of farming and disenchanting the materials themselves. Running instances will give you a plentiful supply of items to disenchant.


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