Sunday, 27 October 2013
Well tonight, I had the greatest pleasure in participating in a WoW event on the US servers. 

Each year, for charity, people on the US Servers roll Gnomes and run from Gnomeregan to Booby Bay, erm... Booty Bay in support for Breast Cancer Awareness.

I am probably doing a terrible job of explaining this, so I will just refer you to their site -

Anyway, after a bit of an issue getting first my US account, and then my client to recognise the US account being there, I managed to get over to the realm chosen and take part in this awesome event.

A Heart of Pink haired gnomes :D

Another view of the Gnomies who ran for Boobies

I would love to see something like this come to the EU realms. 

Special thanks go to AmarielleEU for streaming this, and helping me get everything sorted, and also to Sanéko who joined us. 


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