Tuesday, 1 October 2013
The end of Week 3 of 5.4 is upon us, so once again its time to do the weekly gold count summaries.

Once again its been a quiet week with regards to Enchants, Glyphs and miscellaneous auctions, with the serious money coming from JC.

There were slightly more reposts on the JC front this week however, since I finally levelled the JC to 90 with a view to getting the final missing meta gem recipes.

  • Total in guild bank at start of Week 3: 173,376g 99s 4c
  • Total in guild bank before Week 3 gold deposit: 152,457g 14s 94c
  • Total in guild bank after Week 3 gold deposit: 215,400g 64s 27c

Here is the breakdown of sales from each posting character. As always, 500g is kept on the characters and the amount is calculated using the "Mail excess gold" feature of TSM.

  • Jewelcrafting sales: 44,798g 82s 60c
  • Glyph Sales: 2545g 98s 37c
  • Transmog and Enchant Sales: 10,259g 40s 47c
  • Main Bank Alt Sales: 5339g 27s 89c
  • Total sales for the week: 62,943g 49s 33c

Much better this week, thanks to the JC sales. There will be another wing of LFR opening this week as well, so more upgrades will be obtained.


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I am raiding again, my current progression on my main, Cazzéh is:

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