Saturday, 17 January 2015
Today, in Twenty Days, its people I admire.

In previous Twenty Days posts, I have made reference to Dwarf Wench, or Wenchie as she is also known. I met this genuine lovely woman back in 2011 I believe when I joined a guild on Argent Dawn-EU to raid.

Wenchie was officer and one of our raid healers, and she made me feel incredibly at home within the guild.

At the time I was worried how my health issues and real life issues (I have a chronically ill mother, and at that time, grandmother) would affect things, and Wenchie was amazing at putting my mind at ease, and offered virtual hugs and support at times when I needed them most.

This friendship has lasted past the guild, and I count Wenchie as one of the most important friends I have. We dont talk often, but I know when things are tough, even though she has her own health issues which leave her tired (see her blog for more about that) and very unwell, she will always be there for me, dispensing a caring listening ear and a virtual hug.

There are not enough words to express the gratitude I have to Wenchie for how much she cares about not only me, but my family.

As a group mention of peope that I admire, I would have to mention the guild that I met Wenchie in. When I joined the Guild on Argent Dawn, I could never have dreamed, that it would become like a second family to me, as, aside from Wenchie, our former guild leader and my Vodka Twin, and many of the other members, are also equally as lovely, and supportive.

I am not as active on Argent Dawn as I once was, and the guild is not as active either, but I know, if I pop over there, there is usually someone ready to chat.


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