Sunday, 11 January 2015
Today's installment of Twenty Days of WoW focuses on the choice of my blog name.

I chose Cazmia's Ramblings because a lot of my characters are called Cazmia with various accents above letters, or without, and I have a tendency to ramble a lot.

With hindsight, I should have come up with something a lot better, but since my blog covers a variety of topics anyway, from extremely random ramblings to my gold making pursuits, I guess Cazmia's Ramblings is very fitting.


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About Me

I am Cazzy, also known within the World of Warcraft as Cazzéh and Cazmia, amongst other aliases.

I have been goldmaking and blogging on and off since 2011, starting off small by selling things such as cloth, then moving on to other areas such as gems, enchants and so on.

Currently, I am residing on the EU Sunstrider and EU Trollbane connected realmsets and am maining a MM Hunter.

I am raiding again, my current progression on my main, Cazzéh is:

4/13 Mythic HFC, 13/13 Heroic HFC, 11/13 Normal HFC, 13/13 LFR HFC.