Sunday, 18 January 2015
Today on Twenty Days, we are talking about "This Upsets You".

There is one thing that upsets and annoys me, especially within WoW and the online gaming community as a whole.

This is the completely and utterly inappropriate usage of certain words.

There is a horrific trend in todays gaming communities to use words such as rape as a flippant throwaway comment, or retard and cancer as generic insults.

*Stands on the soapbox*

Rape, is not something you should talk about as if its a slice of toast. Rape is a serious offence, and can leave its victims traumatised and often suicidal.

It annoys me immensely to log into a game and see people in PvP situations saying such things as "herpdederp I raped" or "Erhmagawd I'm getting raped".

You are NOT. What you are doing is getting wrecked, owned, crapped on, or any of the myriad more acceptable terms for basically getting owned.

Even in online FPS games you will often hear other players with voice coms saying such things as "I'm raping them" or "they are getting raped".

NO. What is happening, is that they are getting beaten, or you are beating them. You most certainly are NOT doing that other thing to them.

Also, saying to someone in a game "get cancer" is one of the most horrible insults I have ever come across. Cancer is not an insult. Cancer is a terrible horrible disease that does not discriminate against its victims.

It is serious and it can kill. As someone who has lost family members to this disease, it, and I apologise for the language, pisses me right off when people say "get cancer and die".

I'll stop here before this turns into a massive rant about how people who behave like this are ruining gaming communities, but please, if you use words like the above as insults etc, think twice and use something more appropriate as an alternative.


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