Wednesday, 21 January 2015
I have two favourite spots in game, well, one is a spot, the other is really more two zones with amazing scenery.

Ironforge Commons:

Back when I was on Turalyon EU, it became quite the known thing to go AFK in Ironforge on the bridge outside the AH.

Ironforge Bridge
You would often find Lasharus there in one of his many glorious outfits, and there was often the deep conversation to be had with him and others who would frequent the bridge.

I would also set my characters hearthstone's to Ironforge inn, because the commons had both the bank, and Auction House opposite each other, and before CRZ was implemented, it used to be quiet and peaceful, just the place for my profession crafting and AH endeavours.

Ironforge Commons
Eversong Woods/Isle of Quel Danas:

Eversong Woods is the Blood Elf starting area, and Silvermoon City is located here. The area itself has amazingly beautiful music and graphics.

Eversong Woods
The Isle of Quel Danas is the level 70 TBC daily quest hub, and also the location of the Instance Magisters Terrace, and Sunwell raid.

A view from Quel Danas
Both area's use the same colour palette and architecture, and it is always a joy to be in these areas.


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