Friday, 27 September 2013
Welcome back to the third, and possibly final part of my gold making tips series.

Never underestimate those green gems.

As a side effect of prospecting all the ore that you use for Jewelcrafting, you might find you end up with a surplus of the green quality gems. I may have touched on previously, about crafting these into the green quality Jewellery, then putting the blue proc's on the AH and disenchanting the greens, but don't discount their use and value crafted. When you craft the green quality gems, you have a chance to proc a "Perfect" cut of the same type you are crafting, which has exactly the same stats on it as the Blue quality cut gem of the same type. You could sell these perfect cuts for a little less than you would the actual Blue gem cuts.

If you end up with too many of these uncut green gems, and have crafted everything you need, consider cutting them into cuts, selling the normal green gems, and AH the blue perfect cuts as above. A stack of green quality gems uncut vendors for 12 gold, and a cut stack of green gems vendors for 17 gold.


When you hit maximum level, quest rewards become capped. This makes the quests in both Cataclysm and Pandaria zones a good source of income. If you complete these on an Enchanter, they are also a good source of mats.

Seasonal World Events.

Seasonal world events are also another potential source of income. Many of these events have pets which you can purchase for the event currency, box up, and sell on the AH. Some events also have mounts, which you can also purchase, and sell on the AH, if they are Bind On Use as opposed to Bind on Pickup. Sell these mounts later in the year for a bit of extra gold.

Cat Pets.

With patch 5.4 came the achievement for having 20 different Cat Pets. This rewards a title. If you can purchase cross realm the Cat companion pets, you can crate these up and put them on the AH for people who are looking for cats to complete their collection.

Dont Be Afraid to Repost.

Certain markets on the AH benefit from regular reposting of small amounts. Two of these markets are Enchanting Scrolls and Cut Gems. Post in batches of 2-3 of each gem, or 1-2 of each enchant, and don't be afraid to keep checking and reposting where you have been undercut. However, if you use an add-on for this its worth checking that you haven't been undercut by a huge amount. If you have, check whether its worth buying out that low auction below you and reposting higher.


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