Wednesday, 11 September 2013
Black Temple is a level 70 raid located in Shadowmoon Valley. Its an approximately 5 minute flight from Shattrath in Outland.


  • Humanoid
  • Beasts
  • Elemental's


  • Greens
  • BoE blues
  • BoP Epics
  • Netherweave Cloth
  • Grey and White Vendor trash
  • Recipes
  • Gems
  • Crafting Reagents
  • Tier Tokens

  • There is a vendor inside the instance
  • Can be soloed at level 90.


  • Bags get full so frequent vendor trips required
  • Some classes may struggle to solo certain bosses so you may need to take a friend.

Before I started, I emptied my bags of everything to leave plenty of room for items, and as always, made sure that I had relogged to ensure the gold count was accurate.

These are the drops I got.


  • Looted: 111g 57s 5c
  • Vendor: 343g 47s 90c
  • Total: 455g 5s 1c

  • 3 Pattern: Living Earth Bindings (Binds on Pickup)
  • 1 Pattern: Bracers of Nimble Thought (Bind on Pickup)
  • 32 Mote of Water
  • 5 Pyrestone
  • 6 Lionseye
  • 2 Empyrean Sapphire
  • 5 Seaspray Emerald
  • 5 Shadowsong Amethyst
  • 507 Netherweave Cloth
  • 18 Heart of Darkness (Crafting Reagent)
  • 1 Khorium Lockbox
  • 4 Froststeel Lockbox
  • 30 Vendor/Disenchant greens
  • 9 Transmog Greens
  • 2 Pattern: Shoulders of Lightning Reflex
  • 1 Pattern: Swiftstrike Shoulders
The green items disenchanted to:

  • 55 Arcane Dust
  • 20 Greater Planar Essence
The lockboxes rewarded 6 green items, some of which had WOTLK stats on them and disenchanted to:

  • 5 Arcane Dust
  • 9 Infinite Dust
  • 1 Small Dream Shard
As the gems from TBC era are mostly useless now, I vended these for the 5g per gem they yeilded, and did the same with the Heart of Darkness.


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