Tuesday, 24 September 2013
Well, its Tuesday again, which can only mean that its the end of the week recap time.

Its been somewhat slow on the sales front this week, although that may in part be due to me spending most of my time on Timeless Isle trying to gear alts. More about that in another post though.

Guild bank totals for Week 2 of Patch.

  • Total in guild bank at start of Week 2: 151,069g 59s 19c
  • Total in guild bank before Week 2 gold deposit: 145,308g 32s 6c
  • Total in guild bank after Week 2 gold deposit: 173,376g 99s 4c

Below are the figures per character for the sales for week 2. As always, these are obtained using the TSM Mail excess gold feature, leaving 500g on each character for the posting of auctions.
  • Jewelcrafting sales: 14,295g 95s 82c
  • Glyph Sales: 1695g 82s 85c
  • Transmog and Enchant Sales: 4421g 92s 26c
  • Main Bank Alt Sales: 7654g 96s 5c
  • Total sales for the week: 28,068g 66s 98c

Whilst slightly less than what was made last week, its still gold. I expect sales to pick up as more wings of LFR open, and more characters get levelled and progress through Timeless Isle.


  1. Is that on your other server, Caz? I found sales going up by a lot on Argent Dawn this week. The competition is getting a little more fierce and requiring a lot more reposting, but its been quite fun :)

  2. Yeah thats on my fairly dead PvP server Horde side. If I was reposting I know I would see a lot more gold but I have been hiding on Timeless Isle a lot this week.


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