Monday, 2 September 2013
If like me, you get enjoyment out of farming your supplies rather than just buying everything off the AH, then this is the series for you.

Farming Favourites will cover a variety of locations, instances and raids over a variety of expansions, from Vanilla to Mists of Pandaria.

Each location will come with a breakdown of general Mob types, possible drops, pro's and con's and of course, the results of one instance clear, or an hour of farming, if it is an open world location.

Farm location results will feature the following:

  • Gold: Looted gold and gold from vendored greys and white trash items.
  • Drops: Amount of green items, transmog items, BoE Blue items, BoP blue items, cloth, leathers, gems etc.
  • Disenchant results: what the green and BoP Blue items disenchanted into.
  • Skinning results: leather skinned from mobs (Not looted)
  • Whether I used a character with a profession or not.
It's important to bear in mind that whilst the gold value alone may not look profitable, some of the drops themselves will be highly valued, especially old enchanting materials and leathers, which can sell for a very pretty penny.

My instance guides will assume that you are a fairly experienced player, and already know how to access the entrance portal to these. However, I will include a basic location of Region and Continent. In the case of open world locations, I will try to include a map showing the location of the area.

I hope you will find my Farming Favourites series helpful, and if you have any suggestions for areas that I could check out, then drop a comment and I will check it out.


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I am Cazzy, also known within the World of Warcraft as Cazzéh and Cazmia, amongst other aliases.

I have been goldmaking and blogging on and off since 2011, starting off small by selling things such as cloth, then moving on to other areas such as gems, enchants and so on.

Currently, I am residing on the EU Sunstrider and EU Trollbane connected realmsets and am maining a MM Hunter.

I am raiding again, my current progression on my main, Cazzéh is:

4/13 Mythic HFC, 13/13 Heroic HFC, 11/13 Normal HFC, 13/13 LFR HFC.