Tuesday, 10 September 2013
Well, for the US realms, patch 5.4 is already upon you. However, for us here in the EU, the patch doesnt land on us until tomorrow so I have been using this last day as preparations.

All the gold my posting characters have made over the past few weeks has been deposited into the guild bank, and they have been left with 500g each to list auctions when the Servers go live again tomorrow.

My crafting characters have been busy, crafting enchants, bolting cloth, cutting gems and making glyphs.

With the introduction tomorrow of Timeless Isle, which will drop gear upgrades for many alts, I will be posting a few of each, and hope to see sales. The new raid wing which releases tomorrow will also see sales as bosses are downed and gear is replaced.

In addition to crafting the blue quality gems, I have crafted some of the normal cuts and will AH the blue perfect cuts of those as a slightly cheaper alternative.

Total gold in guild bank at end of Patch 5.3: 113,330g 44s 60c.

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  1. yay! Did I infect you with my "show me the money" posts?

    Good luck with the patch, Cazzie. I'm stuck on a 5 night raid week this week so my chance to get my crafting recipes may have to wait until next week!


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